Ulkokalla the Island!

Walk through the past!

Take a relaxing mini-holiday, come to the Ulkokalla Island and stay in the lighthouse keeper’s home with half board. Wake up in the morning to the sounds of the sea, of the waves and the birds. Enjoy the full breakfast in the lighthouse keepers way and taste the fish delicacies. Find out about the special history and traditional fishing of the Kalla islands.

History >>
The islet of Ulkokalla is located in the Gulf of Bothnia, about 12 nautical miles from the coast of Kalajoki. About 3 km of Ulkokalla is located Maakalla islet, which is an old fishermen community. The Kalla islets have autonomy, which is inherited from 1600 –century. On that time fishermen came every summer to the islets fishing Baltic herring. The community needed rules both fishing and living on the islands. On that time Finland was part of Sweden, and king of Sweden gave an order, where was specified the regulations, how these kinds of fishing communities should be ruled. Those orders are valid also today, and the fisherman has a dominion of Kalla islets. Every summer on July all inhabitants of the islands are getting together to make decisions of causes of the Kalla islets.

The residence of the lighthouse keeper >>
In Ulkokalla is located the lighthouse, which has built on 1872. The lighthouse keepers have lived on Ulkokalla until 1976, on that year the lighthouse has been automated. Nowadays on the residence of lighthouse keepers is a hotel, where is 7 rooms to overnight, the rooms are well equipped with ascetic but luxury. The beds are very comfortable, linens are made of linen. The other conveniences fit to the environment. In the house is also a dining room, two rooms with fireplace, meeting room with whiteboard and a traditional Finnish sauna warmed up on wood. There is no water pipe or electricity on the islet. Drinking water is brought from the mainland. The latrines (outhouses) are in separate building.

Take with you >>
Because of the circumstances of the islet customers have to get ready for longer staying. Regularly taken medicines should be with at least for a week. We recommend for footwear the firm shoes, absolutely no heels! Take with you also warm and wind stopping clothes, even on the summer. On the sea the weather can be cold though it is warm on the mainland.

Availability: May - October
Group Size: Minimum 02 pax > Maximum 20 pax.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation with linen,
  • Half board
  • Use of traditional Finnish sauna,
  • Guiding in English.

Note! If the wind is 10 m/s or more Ulkokalla cannot be reached. If the departure is delayed due to the wind, accommodation for the extra nights will be free of charge,

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