Cashback World - Consumer Relations Management Tool

Green North signed in August 2017 contract with Cashback World regular customer relations management programme. There are over 8 million users so far with the card!

We offer the card both consumers and entrepreneurs. The Cashback World offers for the consumers discounts and Sales Points from each purchase made by them. We are offer these services through our Green North marketing tool. The entrepreneurs will benefit from Green North marketing activities and using the network locally and globally.  

Cashback World is the largest CRM programme for small and medium sized companies. Technically it doesn't have competitors in the world. It provides for the consumers free bonus card and mobile application and companies are easy to found by using it.

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For consumers

- you can purchased products and services easily in 47 different countries

- from each purchase you will earn Sales Points and you can use those for earning some money and to be used in next purchase

For Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs)

- effective tool to maintain your regular customer relations

- creating your own campaigns for your customers

- earning from the consumer network

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