TravelAudit - B2B flight compensations from delays or cancellations

Was you flight delayed, canceled or overbooked?

And were you more than three hours delayed?

Then stand up for your right to compensation!


Many passengers are not aware that they acc. to EU legislation are entitled to compensation if they are delayed due to problems with their flight. The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. 

The airline is not liable to pay compensation if the delay is due to "extraordinary circumstances which are beyond the airline's control". The rules for when this applies, are extensive and technical, and frequently needs clarification by the Courts verdict in individual cases. 

Passengers therefore often experience that their claims for compensation are wrongfully rejected by the airlines. Due to air passengers' little insight and experience in the complicated legislation and case law, they are effectively prevented from obtaining their rightful compensation. has developed expertise in the legal field, and has access to information about flights, weather, etc. which can be crucial to the outcome. 

By pooling demand from more passengers, and harnessing economies of scale by having a systematic case history based on many cases, we can keep the costs down. 

For passengers, there is no risk since we only calculate cost, when compensation is paid out in form of 25% of the paid out amount plus VAT. No cure - no pay. 

The idea of helping passengers to get compensation for flight delays has successfully been introduced in Germany, Holland and England. With US and Canada have been given the same opportunity. 


Applicable rules of flight delay or cancellation

The current regulations were adopted by the European Parliament in 2004 and in the subsequent period, regulations have been clarified by verdicts in a series of disputes between passengers and airlines. 

The rules are drawn up by the EU and is applicable for flights from all EU countries, plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, the Western Balkans, and Turkey, and flight to Europe by an EU airline. It should be emphasized that the European courts have not yet established practices in all areas. 

It is possible to get compensation if your arrival was delayed more than two hours when:

- your flight was canceled 
- your flight was delayed 
- your plane was diverted to another airport 
- your flight was overbooked and you were not allowed to board 


Amount of compensation

The amount of compensation ranges between €200-€600 per passenger. The basis for assessing whether you are entitled to compensation and the amount of compensation is determined by the extent of the extra travel time, trip length, and the countries travelled to/from. 

Generally, it is also possible to get meals and free phone calls after a two-hour delay, and in some cases, it may be possible to get all or part of the fare refunded. 


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