Facts about Finland!

The land of lakes!

Located between East and West, with snowy winters and warm, light-filled summers, Finland offers a number of fascinating contrasts. Finland's un spoilt forests, as well as its thousands of islands and lakes, offer plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings.

Official name:
Republic of Finland

National Capital:


Total Area of Finland

  • Total: 338,424 sq km
  • Land: 303,902 sq km
  • Water: 33,672 sq km



Summer cottages:

1.8 million

National parks:

The largest in Europe is situated off the southwest coast of Finland. Parts of the archipelago make up Åland, an autonomous Swedish-speaking province.

Four seasons with stark contrasts between them; snowy winters with the Northern Lights and the polar night, warm summers with white nights and the Midnight Sun.


  • Finnish 92% (official)
  • Swedish 5.6% (official)
  • Other 2.4% (small Sami- and Russian-speaking minorities)
  • English (Almost everyone understands and speaks)


  • Evangelical Lutheran National Church 77.3%,
  • Finnish Orthodox  1.1%, O
  • Other  1.5%,
  • No religion denomination 20.1%

Finnish family life is centred on the elementary family. Relations with the extended family are often rather distant, and Finnish people do not form politically significant clans, tribes or similar structures. According to UNICEF, Finland ranks fourth in the world in child well-being.

Natural Resources:

  • Timber
  • Iron ore
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Chromite
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Limestone


  • The main international passenger gateway is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport with over 13 million passengers in 2008. Helsinki has an optimal location for great circle routes between Western Europe and the Far East.
  • Oulu Airport is the second largest and around 25 airports have scheduled passenger services.
  • Despite low population density, the Government spends annually around 350 million euro in maintaining 5,865 kilometres  railway tracks.
  • Rail transport is handled by state owned VR Group.
  • Since 12 December 2010 Karelian Trains, a joint venture between Russian Railways and VR Group, has been running Alstom Pendolino operated high-speed services between Saint Petersburg's Finlyandsky and Helsinki's Central railway stations.
  • These services are branded as “Allegro” trains. Journey from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg takes only three and a half hours.
  • There is also passenger traffic from Helsinki and Turku, which have ferry connections to Tallin, Mariehamn, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg..
  • The Helsinki–Tallinn route, is one of the busiest passenger sea routes in the world, which is also been served by a helicopter line.


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