Slow and cosy travel in Finland

General Condition

To ensure all bookings and arrangements succeed in the best possible way, the following terms are in place unless otherwise agreed.

Reservation and terms of confirmation
The preliminary reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the payment according to the terms given in the quotation
of Cosy Finland. If the payment is not paid by the due date the preliminary reservation will automatically be cancelled.

Individual travellers, 1-5 persons: If the confirmed reservation is cancelled earlier than 4 days (96 hours) prior to the
time of the reservation, an office charge of €20 per person will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the confirmed 
reservation is cancelled later than 96 hours prior to the time of the reservation, the payment will be retained as
cancellation fee.

Media Events and Groups of 6 persons or more: If the confirmed reservation is cancelled earlier than 14 days prior to
the time of the reservation, an office charge of €20 per person will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the confirmed
reservation is cancelled later than 14 days prior to the time of the reservation, the payment will be retained as
cancellation fee.

Responsibility of the client
The client will be a valued guest in the host family’s home and is expected to act accordingly. The client will be 
responsible for all damage caused to the host family and their property. The client will also be responsible for the
equipment and personal property taken by him/her to the host’s premises. 

We recommend that the client has travel insurance for possible exceptional situations. Cosy Finland cannot accept late
cancellations and no refund will be made even if the client cancels the service due to medical or other reasons.

Food restrictions, pets and allergies
To enable us to make a perfect choice of the host the food restrictions and allergies should be informed when placing an
inquiry. The hosts know most common allergies and are used to making food accordingly, but they are still not
professionals. Should you have allergy of any type, the same carefulness should be taken as when visiting a friend.
Many Finns are pet-lovers and therefore the host may have a pet or pets. If the guest feels uncomfortable with pets in
visiting home, let us know in inquiry.

Homes in Finland are usually smoke-free. Smokers are expected to follow the desires of the host. Usually the place for
smoking is found outside the house or in balcony.

Force Majeure
Cosy Finland has the right to cancel the agreement in case of Force Majeure. Force Majeure is in question if Cosy Finland
is unable to fulfill the quoted service due to an unforeseeable reasons such as a strike or similar functional troubles or
fire, actions of war, mobilization, natural disaster, contagious disease or similar situations or in a case of sudden
illness/injury/death of the host or a member of the household. In this case the customer has the right to get back the

Any disagreements concerning the agreement that cannot be solved by negotiation will be settled in the local court of
law in Helsinki, Finland.

Customer feedback
QUALITY 1000 programme offers us tools for continuous quality work, for the follow-up of this work, and for the
systematic improvement of quality. Should the customer feel disappointment of any kind, we like to hear about it. In
case of money refund the complaints shall be made immediately to the host family and within one week to Cosy Finland.


Programme for incoming travellers

Name         Cosy Day


                  Meet the Finns in Finland!

Four hours with a local for your use only. She/he will show you around by walking and using public transport. Your host is a private person and introduces you her/his favorite places. Should you have some sights you like to see, just ask your local to show. During the tour you will have a chance to learn details of Finnish lifestyle.

Main Type  Day Programme
                  Starting times 10.00, 14.00 and 18.00
                  or adapted according to your timetable.

Certificates  1Q00 – Quality 1000 is a national quality process for the travel industry.

City/ Municipality
                  Helsinki Metropolitan area (available also in other towns)

Route        Your host will meet you at your hotel lobby or harbor/airport/station or
                  wherever is convenient for you.

Place and Time
                  To be agreed

Operating Season
                  All year around

Available         On request

Duration         4 hours

Especially Suitable
                  Persons interested in Finnish Lifestyle.

Special Requirements and Information

                  To find the most suitable local for you please give the following details in
                  your inquiry
                        visitor’s names (male/female/child)
                        nationality
                        visitor’s hotel/harbor /city 
                        preferred visiting date
                        special interests, if any programme for incoming travellers

Available for
                 Groups 1-4 persons. Booking minimum four days in advance. Should your group be bigger than four, please ask a quotation.

Service Languages
                 Finnish, English (other languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish available according to the knowledge of the host)

Price         385 €/tour 1-4 persons (net price 310,48 €, VAT 24 %, 74,52)

Payment   Payment through MoneyBookers/Skrill or PayPal billing services which both provide a nice selection of
                 credit cards.

Price includes
                 A private tour with a local. Tram/bus tickets are included in price of tour.

Extra costs
You may like to purchase some souvenirs, snacks or perhaps have a drink during the tour. As the tour can also be made based on your desires, entrance fees depend on your choices. On the other hand credit cards are widely used in Finland.

Information/Booking Address

                 Cosy Finland/Mrs. Kirsti Sergejeff
                 kirsti.sergejeff [at]
                 Tel. +358 (0)40 596 5434
                 Viherlaaksonranta 10
                 FIN-02710 Espoo


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