New Green North GSA website

We have now new and updated website for Green North GSA.

Green North GSA has been operating since 2012 and the main focus in the beginning was to assist foreign tour operators and travel agents to get relevant services and products related to School Camps and Technical Visit programmes. After that the operation has been expanded in three ways:

  1. Geographically it includes now all Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).
  2. Additionally to School Camps and Technical Visits we have included also Cultural Tours in our operation.
  3. We have added also brand name “Green North Goes Abroad” promoting destinations and companies outside of our territory, meaning Spain and Tunisia. So outbound tourism is in our consideration.

The graphic design and website set up is made by Mr. Torsti Aaltokoski of Thule Digital. The company is based in Oulu, Finland.

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